Here be short stories, fanfics, drabbles and sundry collected through the years.

Blood Wedding (2007, spring)
English assignment: A rewriting of Lorca’s Blood Wedding in a different cultural setting – Medieval China, with the legend of the Ming princess reintepreted. Very purple prose – you have been warned!

Strings that tie (2007)
Drabble found while cleaning up my computer. Apparently inspired by the eponymous song by Jon Brion.


Farewell (2003, april)
Finrod and Amarie say goodbye in Aman.

Rain (2003, june; for feyrain’s birthday)
Elros wonders about the meaning of self while living with three increasingly desperate elves in a great old House.

Ashes of Time (2003 – 2004) – Parts 1, 2
Nothing to do with Wong Kar Wai. Was going to be Mary Sue-esque OFC/Maglor eventually, but (thank god) discontinued. Putting it up here for posterity.