Reading list for the summer

I have arbitrarily decided that this summer will be Russian-themed, just because Crime and Punishment┬áhas languished on my shelf for too long. Since I haven’t read most of the Russian classics this somewhat makes sense. Ladies and gents, I present to you my reading list this sommar:

(A lot’s backlog from my three years at uni)

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Fare thee well my dear D80…

I’ve finally sold my trusty four-year-old Nikon D80 to Some Anonymous Guy on the internet. I’m not sure if I asked for a high enough price as a lot of people seemed to think it was a good deal. Whatevs I guess?

In other news, back from graduation and Grand Tour around Europe with the rents – mainly Italy, plus Dublin randomly. I’ve been gathering dust at home for two weeks whilst waking and sleeping according to UK time, which means I have not seen the sun for like, days. UGH.

Also got a bazillion errands to run, but that’s meant for another post. For now, I download Kdramas, check 3 websites and my email obsessively every other minute, and weep at my inertia. I do all these things not leaving my bed, mind you.